Yealink RoomSensor is an enterprise multifunctional room sensor integrated with occupancy, temperature, humidity and light detecting functions. Linkage with Yealink RoomPanel through BLE protocol and brings with featurers such as automatic release, automatic check-in, etc. The Passive infrared technology makes motion-detection more excellent and accurate; Lower power consumption & replaceable lithium battery, provide a maximum 5 years life; Wireless application and adjustable angle designing, easy to be installed on all kinds of surface, it can cover whole meeting room easily; Support real-time monitoring of device operation, provides one-stop management through Yealink WorkSpace Platform.

Full Specification: ROOMSENSOR Datasheet



• Passive Infrared Tech
• Wireless Installation
• Magnetism Designing
• Adjustable Angle
• Temperature Detection
• Humidity Detection
• Light Detection
• Device Management over Cloud Server
• Lithium Power Supply
• Bluetooth BLE
• Status Alarm
• Actions with Yealink RoomPanel


24 Months