Yealink Personal Collaboration Solutions

Audio & Video Solution for Personal Desktop & Office

Rich Choice

Create the best workspace as your like with diverse products

Yealink strives to bring efficient and simple workspace to everyone, providing full range of devices including headset, speakerphone and camera that can be used in open office, home office, private office, and on-the-go, allowing all types of professionals to work the way they love.

Quality Audio and Video

Empowered with advanced AI technologies including face detection, sound source location, voice tracking, etc., the camera automatically adjusts to the best framing solutions according to the participants’ quantity and location. Real-time close-up to the presenter and manual operations free allow all attendees well focus on the meeting.

The full-duplex speakerphone features HD voice and six-microphone beamforming, allowing people on both ends to enjoy life-like communication regardless of the position at which they are seated.

Acoustic Shield technology delivers distraction-free voice clarity for remote participants by utilizing multiple microphones to create a virtual shield.

Seamless Integration

Work directly with the phone or platform you’re using

Yealink Personal Collaboration Solution is plug-and-play and right for work with convenient BYOD experience. The product series is certified to be compatible with mainstream platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, enabling quick start from the first second you get it.