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Telehealth: A Rapidly Emerging Opportunity

The global pandemic of 2020 has changed the way health services are delivered, accelerating the adoption of telemedicine to safely deliver personalized patient care.

Care More and Keep Connected

Yealink’s video conferencing solutions allow patients, physicians and specialists to link with each other in various scenarios,
maximizing the efficiency in the utilization of medical resources through intuitive video experiences.

Healthcare Video Conferencing Scenarios

MVC940 for Distant Operating Rooms

Clear Scene, Precise Operation

-Multi-cameras, FHD clarity, and 12x optical zooming deliver clear surgery scenarios,ensuring accurate operation of autonomous scalpels or robots and real-time control from the control room.

Hospital-Tailored Cross-Floor Deployment

-MCore of MVC940 integrates data transmission and power supply into one CAT5e cable, simplifying the complicated connections.

-Without long-distance trouble, CAT5/6 RJ45 network cable up to 100m and a normal PoE switch are the only two things needed for the deployment, which are easy and cheap to buy.

A30+VP59 for Joint Consultation Rooms

Extended Healthcare Availability

-A30 delivers 1080P HD video even in low-band-width environments, enabling face-to-face consultations between patients and doctors, anytime and anywhere.

-Desktop video phone VP59 installed for the senior chief physician maximizes the extension of remote diagnosis.

Reliable In-Meeting Sharing

-One-click HD content sharing offers quick and clear case/patient introduction while strong encryption defends patient privacy and confidential information.

A20 for Care and Attention Rooms

Real-Time Caring

-Data of patients and instruments are presented in real-time with a 1080P full HD video effect, educing the workload of intensive care and significantly improving the monitoring efficiency.

-Doctors can perform daily patient rounds remotely through A20 with auto answering, eliminating physical movement and improving patient care efficiency. And the TV connected to A20 can be used as a patient entertainment device during normal times.

Convenient Physician-Patient Connection

-When patients and their families want to contact physicians, they can conveniently join the meeting with doctors from any device, reducing communication barriers and promoting mutual understanding.

MVC640 for Administrative Meeting Rooms

Smooth Multi-Party Experience

-Empowered with 12x optical zoom and Auto Framing, MVC640 captures the optimal view of everyone, giving all stakeholders captivating visuals.

-Anyone participating in board meetings, recruitment or project management can join conferences with one touch from PC, mobile or room terminals.

Productive Conference Communication

-Working with MSpeech, MVC640 offers intelligent features like voice transcription and real-time translation, making communication more effective.

-Organizers can also simply chat with the Cortana voice assistant for meeting control function such as scheduling meetings and inviting attendees.

MVC960 for Seminars & Training Rooms

Pro-Grade Video Experience

-MVC960 supports large-scale 4K HD video live streaming. Experts can perform centralized training or medical communication with primary hospitals flexibly.

-The Presenter Tracking feature always keeps the instructor in the center of the screen, allowing distant participants to clearly see case presentations or medical operations.

Enhanced Academic Collaboration

-Communicate with other physicians and experts through annotations and one-click content sharing directly on the sharing screen to make the seminar or training more informative and productive.

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