MVC S90 Microsoft Teams Rooms System


Yealink MVC S90 is specially designed for extra-large conference rooms. This set includes new generation highperformance MINI-PC MCore Pro, touch panel MTouch Plus, intelligent 4K PTZ camera UVC86, and AVHub specially designed for audio and video processing. AVHub can adjust the screen layout and realize Yealink’s exclusive multicamera solution, which can support up to 9 cameras connected at the same time, and realize multi-speaker tracking with voice incentive mechanism functions, adapt to the audio and video conferencing needs of various large and super large meeting rooms, classrooms, and training rooms. The MVC S90 set comes standard with two UVC86 cameras, which can support 12x optical zoom-in and intelligent follow-up shooting. On the MTouch Plus control panel, through Yealink RoomConnect, the cameras can be controlled independently and switch layouts. You can combine the MVC S90 with the MVC-BYOD-Extender, you only need to plug the USB cable into the PC tofreely use the audio and video equipment of the entire system, and you can convert the Microsoft Teams meeting room into a multi-functional meeting room. In addition, multiple sets of MVC S90 series products can be combined through a network cable to build a conference room system that can be flexibly merged and divided.

Full Specification: MVC S90 Microsoft Teams Rooms System Datasheet

Package including :

• 2x UVC86 dual-eye Intellient camera, VCR20 remote control, power adapter,wallmount bracket and cables
• Yealink MCoreKit-C5 (with MCore Pro mini-PC, MTouch Plus and RoomSensor), power adapter, cables and wall braket
• 1x AVHub multi-camera processor, power adapter and cables
• 1x MVC-BYOD-Extender USB-BYOD adapter
• 2x WPP30 for wireless content sharing
• The mini-PC computer preloads Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS and license, Microsoft Teams Rooms App, as well as Yealink Camera Control Plug-in
• No audio devices
• Including 2-year hardware warranty


24 Months