Designed for busy executives and professionals, the SIP-T46U IP phone is an ultimate communication tool that has better overall performance. The phone employs an appealing high-resolution TFT color display that looks brighter and more vibrant.

  • Easy Customization and High Expansibility
  • HD Audio
  • Efficient Installation and Provisioning
  • Secure Transport and Interoperability

Full Specification: SIP-T43U Datasheet


• 3.7" 360×160-pixel graphical LCDwith backlight
• Dual USB ports
• Opus codec support
• T4U Auto-P template unified
• T4U firmware unified
• Up to 12 SIP accounts
• PoE support
• USB headset and EHS support
• Wi-Fi via WF40 / WF50
• Bluetooth via BT40 / BT41
• Supports expansion modules
• Stand with 2 adjustable angles
• Wall mountable


24 Months